Canicross - Running with your dog!

Shed the pounds in a fun way, build your fitness and strengthen the bond with your pooch in our Canicross class! Whether your dog needs to get in shape or you’re the one looking for a new activity with your four-legged friend out in the fresh air, this is the class to be part of!

We’ll do a variety of exercises in class to skill you both up, get your pulse going and make you savvy on the trails. Everything will be adjusted to you as a team, so don’t worry about your fitness or training level! 

Canicross Beginners Course
In our 6-week programme we get you and your dog started with Canicross. We build our fitness together with walk/run intervals and work toward 5k or 30 minutes of continuous running/jogging. We also teach directional and gait/speed cues, stretches, strength and conditioning and kit you both out.
This course comes with a 1-2-1 kit fitting session before the course starts, a 6-week training plan and your chosen number of group lessons per week. We will also set up a Whatsapp group for support and exchange.

2 sessions/week (Wednesdays and Fridays) €150.00/team
1 session/week (Wednesdays OR Fridays) €100.00/team

tart date: Wednesday 05/10/2022  9:30-10:30
Location: Glenbower Wood/Killeagh

I am not a personal trainer and will be using training plans, drills and exercises that I received during my training as a certified Canicross instructor with DogFit UK and my own experience as a runner. Before signing up to Canicross, please apply good judgement as to your own and your dog's physical abilities. If in doubt, check with your GP or vet.

Dogs must be over 12 months old and in good health. We will minimise running on tarmac/hard surfaces as much as possible. Therefore, the ground we run on might be uneven.

Equipment can be tried on during 1-2-1 fitting sessions, so you know what to order. Please fill in the booking form and I'll be in touch.
Equipment required for YOU: running/trailrunning shoes, sports clothing, heart rate monitor (optional), Canicross belt, water.
Equipment required for your DOG: Canicross harness + bungee lead, water, poo bags, treats (for stretching at the end of class).

As your dog is always attached to you when taking part in Canicross, this makes it a wonderful training tool as they are encouraged to socialise with other dogs and people in a safe and controlled way. Your reactive dog is very welcome - we just ask that you follow the ‘DogFit Code of Practice’ and take appropriate steps to ensure the safety and comfort of those around you.

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