Our Brand new Gamechanger course is here!! 

Learn the basics of games-based training, add new layers and build a strong relationship with your dog in a relaxed and fun atmosphere! 

Whether you have a new puppy, recently rehomed a rescue dog or want to explore a new way of training and living with your dog - we've got you covered! 

Level 1: The Foundation (6-week course)
Learn the foundation games, understand how dogs learn, implement core training concepts and lifestyle changes at home.

Level 2: Skill Up (6-week course)
Are you ready to level up??? We're adding layers, teaching you a heap of new games to boost the relationship with your dog, their confidence and we give you tools to handle any situation you might come across.
This course can only be booked if you have completed Level 1 or have done classes with me in the past and know the foundation games.

Level 3: Continuous Development (ongoing weekly classes)
Level 3 will build on everything you've learned in the previous courses. We keep adding layers to the games you know, teach you new ones and fine tune your skills. There will also be off-site lessons where we apply our skills in a different environment.
Classes can be booked on a monthly basis and will roll on throughout the year. These are suitable for Level 2 graduates, previous Super Pup graduates and prior online Gamechanger class participants who want to move to in-person training.

What can you expect?
- 1-hour lesson at our venue every week
- Dedicated Whatsapp student group for support in between lessons
- A positive and lighthearted class atmosphere and lots of fun with your pup!
- eBooks, infographics and videos to support your learning
- Suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds, abilities and training levels!

Start dates:
Level 1: Saturday 03/09/2022 13:30-14:30; Saturday 29/10/2022 11:00-12:00
Level 2: Saturday 22/10/2022 13:30-14:30
Level 3: January 2023

Level 1: 6-week course €125.00 per team (1 dog/up to 2 owners)
Level 2: 6-week course €125.00 per team (1 dog/up to 2 owners)
Level 3: continuous classes €60.00/month per team , €55.00/month per team for members

Limited spaces, advanced booking required! Booking is open from the 23rd of each month until 48 hours prior to the first lesson.

Terms & Conditions apply. If you're interested in becoming a member and avail of exclusive benefits and discounts, please check our Membership page.

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