Training dogs to find people - for fun!

Mantrailing is a fast-growing dog sport that is suitable for dogs of all breeds, training levels and abilities. The dog and handler make up a team that locates the whereabouts of their misper, who left a scent article before they ran off to hide. For the dog it's like a real-life hunting game and it's a great way to build communication, relationship and meeting your dog's most basic need to sniff.

After completion of our 3-hour Introduction Workshop, you'll be able to join any of our weekly Mantrailing sessions. We will trail in various locations in East Cork and West Waterford.

In our Introduction Workshop you'll learn
- Line handling
- Reading your dog's body language to determine whether they're on or off the trail
- Roles and responsibilities
- Starting Ritual
- Mantrailing terminology
- Handler skills
- How amazing your dog is!

The workshops are strictly limited to 5 dog/handler teams. For our weekly practice we allow up to 6 dogs and their handlers. All dogs are welcome! It's a fantastic way for nervous, reactive and disabled dogs to engage in an activity. We're working one dog at a time, respect the dog and handler's preferences and simply have a lot of fun together!

Class Dates:
Saturdays 9:00-10:30
Tuesdays 19:00-20:30
Mantrailing sessions are alternating with Scent class each week. Once you completed the Introduction, you'll be added to our designated Whatsapp group where dates and locations are announced.

Limited spaces, advanced booking required! Booking is open from the 23rd of each month until 48 hours prior to the first lesson.

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