Are you ready to teach your dog some tricks?

Trick training is super fun and much more than just show! It improves your communication, builds trust, confidence, fitness, mental flexibility, focus, teamwork and relationship. How much more could anyone possibly want?

Our curricula are designed to lay a strong foundation that you can build on before we move on to the super fancy stuff and take it into the real world:

Beginners Course: Hold an object in the snout, 2 paws on an object, Leg Weaves standing and walking, Middle & Middle on the move, Sit, Down, Nose Touch, Chin target, Pretty, Bow, Reversing, Bang, Spin & Twist, Pivot on a target, Rear foot target, Nose Touch an object, Push an object with nose.

Intermediate Course: Jump through arms, Reverse through hoop, Close the door, Tidy Up, Roll Over, Hi-5, Walk around a person, Jump over legs, Shame, Retrieve proofing, Selfie, Footsies, Head Low, Carry an object.

Advanced Course: Create a short routine, Take tricks out and about.

Trick training is suitable for all dogs and individual adjustments can be made.