This is me! 

Hi, I'm Caroline.

I have 2 dogs: Sansa, a German Shepherd/Collie and Hamish, a Collie/Labrador/Springer. 

As a little girl I was always surrounded by dogs and therefore exposed to dog training from very early on. We had a professional guard dog at home and I witnessed his training on a daily basis. I didn't question that training until I had my first own dog, Socki the Border Collie. And while it didn't feel right in many ways, it was the only way I knew back then. Of course, Socki would never be a guard dog, so his exposure to this kind of training was limited to basic obedience.

Thankfully, I followed my intuition, started Flyball and did things my way. Playing Flyball with Socki saved our relationship! We went from early morning/late night walks to avoid other dogs to being amongst hundreds of other dogs at the European Flyball Championships 2011. We were a great team, his reactivity had disappeared after a few weeks of Flyball training and we travelled all over Germany to Flyball tournaments on weekends. To say we had a blast is an understatement! 

Sansa already got a very different kind of training and our bond is just beautiful. She is the most versatile girl, puts her heart into everything we do together and fills me with so much joy! Sansa has issues with her back and can't do high impact activities. She loves Mantrailing and Hoopers, which are both great outlets for her herding desires.

Hamish joined us in November 2022 and he is raised with games-based training from the get go. He has started on Scent Detection, Mantrailing and Hoopers, joins me as a demo dog in small classes and his favourite spot is in Middle. It's fantastic to raise a puppy with the knowledge and tools I have now and I can't wait to see the full effects of it throughout his life!

Dogs are unbelievably forgiving and generous with their love for us. Even if we went down the wrong path at some point, there's always hope and the opportunity to fix it. Sometimes it takes a lot of time, patience and determination, but in the end the rewards are so worth it.

Let's change the world of dog companionship to be one of inspiration, understanding, kindness, love and fun!

My Experience

Certified Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute Dogs Ltd.

Pro Dog Trainer GEEK (Behaviour Course/Absolute Dogs Ltd.)

Canine First Aid (Absolute Dogs Ltd.)
Certified Mantrailing Global Instructor

Certified Canicross Instructor with DogFit UK
Certified Bronze Scent Detection Instructor with UK Sniffer Dogs
Certified Canine Hoopers World Instructor
Over 25 years dog training experience
20 years training experience with my own dogs

3 years in competitive dog sports (Flyball)