Canine Hoopers is a super fun low-impact sport that can be done by all dogs!

The dogs learn to go through hoops, around barrels and through tunnels while paying attention to their handler’s directions. It improves your communication, your dog’s engagement with you and it provides a great physical and mental workout.

In Hoopers, we work one dog at a time, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with your reactive or shy dog. Hoopers is all flat without any jumps or tight turns and while some dogs go fast, others go slow and steady. It’s the perfect low-impact activity for dogs that need to get some energy out and they have to use their brain at the same time.

We will run regular Taster Sessions and Beginners Courses, check our schedule.

Once you have completed your Beginner's Course, you have the option to work through the various progress levels for Canine Hoopers World rosettes or join our weekly Hoopers sessions to progress your skills. It's a fun way to build your skillset as a handler, build your dog's skillset with the different obstacles and handling techniques and track progress while socialising with other dog enthusiasts.