Scent detection –
Sniffing with purpose 

Sniffing plays a major role in every dog’s life, it’s how they see the world! Studies have proven that using their nose reduces stress, builds optimism and releases happy hormones in dogs. It’s a fantastic way to bring your dog into a calm headspace where they use their brain, as opposed to being in fight or flight mode.

Scent Detection teaches your dog to search the environment for a target odour and indicate on it. An indication can look differently for each dog and we allow them to choose the behaviour they offer as long as it is appropriate. The indication is their way to tell you 'I found it!' The handler will then reward the find, which boosts the team aspect. It is not self-rewarding like finding treats or toys, the reward comes from YOU!

Scent Detection is a calm, low impact activity that can be done by all dogs! 

I am a certified instructor with UK Sniffer Dogs and offer a variety of workshops, courses and events/trials to help you grow your 4-legged detective. 

Bronze Series 1 Workshop (2x2 hours)

  • Building value in our target odour

  • Indication on target odour
  • Small searches for big pieces of target odour

Bronze Series 2 Workshop (2x2 hours)

  • Improving indication
  • Searches for small pieces of target odour
  • Searches in novel environment
  • Vehicle search 

Bronze Course
Our 6-week Bronze Scent Detection course combines the learning of both workshops. You will attend 1x 1-hour lesson per week instead of the workshops.

Progression sessions
Once you have completed Series 1 and 2 or the 6-week course, you can join our progression classes to proof your dog’s indication in novel environments and on novel objects, build on indication duration and odour obedience and troubleshoot or just to keep the ball rolling and do something fun every week.


We’ll be offering Bronze level trials and special events, which add a lot of novelty and fun. It’s also a great opportunity to assess your current skillset and keep track of your progress. Dates will be announced in our Student Hub.