Improving your dog's physical and mental health!

A take on circuit training for dogs, we combine elements from strength & conditioning, trick training and sports foundations to make each session interesting and you go home with a tired dog and new learning.

Each week has different exercises, so you get a lot of variety. We can adapt the exercises to each team, just let us know if there is something you or your dog cannot do. Most exercises will be slow and low impact (a bit like pilates), we try our best to avoid tight turns, jumps and stops at speed.

Some exercises are done as a group where everyone is doing the same thing, others are done individually at stations within a rotation system.

Join us and improve your dog's fitness, body awareness, confidence and skillset while simultaneously strengthening your relationship, communication and building a strong foundation for dog sports.

Your dog should be overall healthy in order to take part. If they have health issues and you feel this class will improve those, please check with your vet/canine physiotherapist before signing up.

There will be no dog-dog interactions during sessions. This class is not suitable for dogs that struggle with other dogs in close proximity. We cannot give individual dogs a lot of space or visual barriers due to exercise rotation.

We offer Bootcamp as in-person classes and a self-paced online course. Check out the Schedule page for more details and dates.