Training dogs to find people for fun! 

Mantrailing is training dogs to find people by following their unique scent trail.

All dogs have a natural ability to hunt and Mantrailing provides a safe and controlled outlet for it. It’s a super fun activity that improves the communication between you and your dog as you go ‘hunting’ together. 

In our Introduction Workshop you'll learn

  • Line handling

  • Reading your dog's body language when they're on/off the trail
  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Starting Ritual

  • Mantrailing terminology
  • Handler skills

  • How amazing your dog is!

The workshops are strictly limited to 5 dog/handler teams. All dogs are welcome! It's a fantastic way for nervous, reactive and disabled dogs to engage in an activity. We're working one dog at a time, respect the dog and handler's preferences and simply have a lot of fun together!

After completion of our 3-hour Introduction Workshop, you'll be able to join any of our Mantrailing progression sessions and events. We will trail in various locations in East Cork and West Waterford.

Dates and locations of progression sessions are announced in our Student Hub.

Limited spaces, advanced booking required!