Flyball – Fast, Fun, Teamwork!

Flyball is very popular in continental Europe and the UK with tournaments taking place all year round.

Two teams of four dogs each race side-by-side in relay fashion. The 51 foot long course consists of a start/finish line, 4 jumps and the flyball box. Each dog must cross the start line, run over the jumps, trigger the box to release the ball and retrieve the ball returning over all the jumps. Once they cross the finish line, the next dog enters the course. The first team to complete the course without fault wins the leg. A race can have up to 5 legs and the team winning most legs will win the race.

To enable fair competition, tournaments are run in divisions. These divisions are based on the fastest team time run in a competition or submitted by the team captain during registration.

Healthy dogs of any breed can do flyball! Some of them are fast, others are slow, but they all have a lot of fun! We allow dogs over 12 months of age to join us. Training for young dogs will be low impact and gentle until they are physically mature. Your dog should be friendly and enjoy retrieving.

Our training starts with a foundations course, in which we teach you and your dog essential skills for flyball. We show you fitness and stability exercises, work on your recall and practise focus in a busy environment. From there you progress into a team, increasing your skills as a handler and your dog's technical abilities. It is a team sport and a healthy dose of commitment to regular training is essential!