Terms and Conditions


All dogs must be in good health, fully vaccinated and treated against parasites regularly.

Unless instructed, all dogs remain on leads for the duration of the session.

Any fouling must be picked up immediately and disposed of responsibly in available public bins or at home.

Choke collars and chains, prong collars, slip and flexi leads are not allowed during sessions. Clients must provide a flat collar, harness and short lead for their dog(s).

Dogsercise reserves the right to cancel or reschedule sessions for urgent matters or reasons beyond our control. In this case a full refund for the affected session can be issued if requested by the client.

Dogsercise will not tolerate violent behaviour towards dogs. We reserve the right to exclude clients from group sessions or discontinue a VIP session if the behaviour continues after we raised the issue with the client.

Dogsercise will not tolerate discrimination, bullying and harassment towards other clients or family members during group or VIP sessions and reserves the right to exclude the offending client from the current and all future sessions with immediate effect.

Should any additional equipment need to be provided by the client, they will be notified well in advance of the session.

Dogsercise reserves the right to decline services for a client for any reason.

Payment and charges

Payment must be made in advance for all services. Accepted payment methods are bank transfer, Stripe, PayPal or cash.

Full advanced payment is required to secure a place in group sessions.

Group Sessions

Sick or injured dogs may be excluded from group sessions or certain exercises. This decision is made by Dogsercise and is in the interest of the dog and all other participants of the class.

The maximum number of participants per dog are listed on the booking page. Clients with multiple dogs may only handle one dog in each session.

Handlers under 18 must be accompanied by their parent/guardian to participate in Dogsercise activities.

Aggressive dogs may be excluded from group sessions. This decision is made by Dogsercise and is in the interest of the dog and all other participants of the class.

Restricted breeds and crossbreeds thereof may be required to wear a muzzle during sessions on public grounds as defined by law. A properly fitting muzzle that allows the dog to eat, drink and pant must be provided by the owner/handler.

Dogsercise reserves the right to reschedule an outdoor session due to severe weather. Clients booked for the affected session will be informed in a timely manner.


Activities can be potentially dangerous and result in slips, trips or unforeseen behaviour by the dog like snapping or biting.

It is the client's responsibility to apply good judgement on their own and their dog's abilities and exercise all activities accordingly to prevent accidents or injuries to themselves, their dog and others.

Dogsercise does not assume liability for any behaviour a dog might show during a session.

The owner of the dog assumes full liability even if they act as instructed by Dogsercise. This applies to all activities.

Dogsercise and the owner of the premises (excluding the client's home) assume no liability for accidents, injuries, loss or damage.

Dogsercise do not guarantee that the activities offered have a positive impact on unwanted behaviour. If a dog increases unwanted behaviours, we may recommend an appropriate specialist.

Dogsercise does not offer behaviour consultations. The training and services offered may or may not resolve behavioural issues.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations made less than 1 week prior to the session will incur the full fee. Guest trainer events are non-refundable from the time of booking.

If you are unable to attend your booked session, it is your responsibility to fill your spot with another participant, or incur the full fee.

A 10% administration fee will be deducted from any refund applied in order to fill your appointment with a new participant.

Dogsercise reserves the right to cancel a session. Any session cancelled by Dogsercise will be rescheduled for a later date.

If sessions are missed from courses, these are void and cannot be re-booked or used in the next term. No refund for missed sessions.

Any credit must be used up within 6 months.

Copyright, Privacy

All documents are property of Dogsercise and may not be shared by clients unless explicitly permitted by Dogsercise.

Credit for game names and explicitly labelled documents goes to our affiliated dog businesses.

Client/student details will be stored and used by Dogsercise for internal purposes only.

Dogsercise will never share a client's personal information or information about their dog(s) with third parties (e.g. vets) without explicit permission by the client.

Pictures might be taken during activities. Dogsercise will collect consent from everyone attending an activity before sharing it on our website and social media.

Last updated 10/01/2024

Dogsercise reserves the right to change and extend these terms and conditions at any time without notice.